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Testosterone Replacement Treatment: What To Know

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With all the ads and information coming out about low testosterone levels, It's easy to think that you are experiencing some of the symptoms. If you don't feel alert, have energy, or are having trouble performing in the bedroom, you may set up an appointment with your doctor about testosterone therapy to raise the amount of this hormone in your body. What should you know if testosterone replacement therapy is something you might need?

Realize Low Testosterone May Not Be the Issue

The symptoms of low testosterone levels mirror symptoms of many conditions. For example, many men assume that erectile dysfunction is a major sign of low testosterone. However, know that cardiac problems could also cause such issues. Wait until you have a definitive diagnosis from a professional before you convince yourself that low testosterone is the trouble. 

Have More Than One Test

If you've only ever had one test that indicates you have low testosterone, you and your doctor may wish to test you further. Testosterone levels fluctuate during the day, but are typically highest during the morning hours. Therefore, you should be tested throughout the day, but especially during the morning hours.

Consider Injections

Once your doctor agrees that low testosterone is the root of the health issues you've been having, they're likely to put you on a cream, gel or offer injections. While you may not like the idea of being injected periodically, injections will typically show the fastest results. Ask which method makes the most sense for your current testosterone levels.

Get Regular Bloodwork

You're likely to get bloodwork done when you're set up on your treatment. In fact, your doctor may recommend you continue to be tested regularly to ensure that levels are constant. You may think those tests aren't needed, but it is important for you and your doctor to watch for changes in your blood that could alert you to therapy side effects or health changes.

Ask About Natural Testosterone Boosters

In addition to whatever injections, gels, creams or other methods of testosterone therapy you use, you might also want to explore various natural ways to boost your testosterone levels. For instance, exercise and stress reduction could have positive effects on your levels. Magnesium and zinc supplementation could also be helpful. Before you attempt anything new, just notify your doctor.

With these pointers, your testosterone levels should rise successfully. Communicate with doctors and stay vigilant about your therapy, and you should start to feel real changes.