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Has Your Teen Been Diagnosed With ADHD? 4 Tips To Help Them Adjust

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Being a teenager is hard enough without having the added difficulty of ADHD. If your teenager has been diagnosed with ADHD, they may find it difficult to concentrate on their work. They may also become easily distracted. Your physician may recommend medication and behavioral therapy to help treat the condition. However, it’s important to note that there are steps that you can take at home that will make life easier for your teenager—and for you. Read More»

Does Cancer Treatment Impact Oral Health?

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Cancer treatment can have an affect on every aspect of your overall health, including your teeth. Some problems are more serious than others and all complications should be evaluated by your oncologist and dentist. If you are starting treatment, here are some things to remember about your oral health.  What Complications Can Occur? Oral health complications related to your cancer treatment can be insignificant to severe. There is a possibility that you might not experience any problems, but if you do, your oncologist needs to be aware of those issues immediately. Read More»

Three Things You Need To Know About Gustatory Rhinitis

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If your nose starts to run shortly after eating or drinking something, you may assume that you are having an allergic reaction. This isn’t always the case, and you may be suffering from gustatory rhinitis. Here are three things you need to know about gustatory rhinitis.  What are the signs of gustatory rhinitis? If you have gustatory rhinitis, your nose will start to run within a few minutes of consuming certain foods or drinks. Read More»

Why Your Active Child Should Take A Sports Physical Every Year

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Most states now require that students take a sports physical before they are allowed to join any athletic teams, but you may be wondering why one is necessary every year. These repeated physicals may seem redundant, but they are actually an important safety net to ensure that your child has not suffered any injuries or new conditions that could prove dangerous on the field. These are four serious developments that repeat sport physicals are designed to catch and prevent before they become an emergency. Read More»

3 Things You Need To Know About Urgent Care

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From a patient’s perspective, there can seem not to be much difference between an urgent care center and an emergency room. Both are available when your primary physician may not be, such as on nights, weekends, or holidays, and on a walk-in basis with no need of an appointment. Both take care of medical problems that need to be treated immediately, and most of the time, both treat a wide variety of different injuries and ailments. Read More»

How To Deal With Your Child's Weight Issue

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Each time you bring your child to a pediatrician, he or she will weigh your child. This is done to make sure the child is developing properly, and it can also help reveal issues with obesity. If your child is severely overweight, your pediatrician might discuss this issue with you. The goals are to help you find out why your child is overweight and to find ways to help the child lose the extra weight he or she is carrying around. Read More»

Why You Should Seek Help From a Doctor for Panic Attacks

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If you experience panic attacks from time to time, you should consider visiting a doctor next time one occurs. A panic attack can be extremely scary and can come on quickly without a lot of notice. If you have never sought help for your panic attacks, now might be a good time to do so. Here are several things you should know about panic attacks and why you should visit a doctor if you experience them. Read More»