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Testosterone Replacement Treatment: What To Know

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With all the ads and information coming out about low testosterone levels, It’s easy to think that you are experiencing some of the symptoms. If you don’t feel alert, have energy, or are having trouble performing in the bedroom, you may set up an appointment with your doctor about testosterone therapy to raise the amount of this hormone in your body. What should you know if testosterone replacement therapy is something you might need? Read More»

Overuse Injuries In Children: What Can Parents Do To Prevent Them?

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Stress is very important for athletes, as the stress placed on bones, joints, and muscles through training helps to strengthen them. Unfortunately, the body needs to be given adequate time to heal after playing sports or training for them. Without enough time to heal, overuse injuries will result. Bones, connective tissue, and muscle can become inflamed and painful instead of becoming stronger. Children can suffer from overuse injuries as well, and those types of injuries are particularly common in children who are playing a single sport year-round in order to train to become an elite athlete. Read More»

3 Simple Ways Women Can Look Younger

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If you are a woman who wishes you looked younger, you are certainly not alone. According to an in-depth consumer report on women’s skincare, 75% of the women surveyed stated that the primary reason for using skincare products was to look their best for their age. Of these women, 53% of them said that when using skincare products, anti-aging was one of the most important factors. While there are many skin care products that can help women look younger, there are other things women can try. Read More»