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An Exfoliation And Dermalinfusion Facial Could Make Your Skin Look Youthful And Glowing

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If you want to minimize wrinkles, increase hydration, or brighten your skin, try a facial that includes exfoliation and a dermalinfusion. These facials might use a water jet or an exfoliating wand. For instance, the Diamond Glow facial uses a wand that has a diamond tip that exfoliates your skin. Here's how exfoliation with dermalinfusion works.

The Exfoliation Process

The wand or exfoliating device is passed over your skin to remove the surface layer of dead cells. These facials are gentle, so you don't need any numbing cream. Removing the surface cells makes your skin glow and look brighter. Exfoliation can also help with rough skin, sunspots, and uneven skin tone. The esthetician will move the device over your entire face to give you balanced results, and some areas may be more tender than others, but you shouldn't feel any discomfort.

The Pore Cleaning Action

The facial can also lift debris from your pores and help with enlarged pores. This is an important step for dermalinfusion since the serums can't get deep into your pores if they're clogged with debris. Clearing out the debris also helps brighten your skin and even out the tone.

The Serum Infusion Step

The last part of a dermalinfusion treatment is to infuse your pores with serum. Before your treatment starts, you'll choose the serum you want after discussing your goals for the facial with your practitioner. Serums can help with acne, hydration, and wrinkles. Applying the serums after your face has been exfoliated and deep cleaned allows them to soak deep into your skin so they can be more effective.

The Recovery Period

No damage is caused to your skin with one of these facials. There is no downtime and no need for recovery. However, your skin might be a little pink and sensitive for a while, so you want to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen when you go out.

The Results

You should see an improvement in your skin after your first treatment and have continued improvement for a while due to collagen growth. You might notice your skin looks more hydrated and your fine wrinkles have diminished. Your skin may have a more youthful appearance and improvement in scars and sunspots.

Over time, your skin may tighten and have less sagging due to collagen stimulation during the exfoliation process. Your esthetician might suggest scheduling your dermalinfusion facial one or two times a month for a cumulative effect that makes wrinkles diminish more with each treatment. You might need treatments less often if you just want to maintain your skin. You could even have an extra treatment before an event when you want your skin to look its best and have a healthy glow.