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Signs You Might Have Arthritis

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Do you have arthritis? You may, but you may not even know it. While it can be genetic like all diseases may be, you may be prone to arthritis also by age. Some people are born with genes that make them more likely to get arthritis in the first place, while age plays a very large factor in arthritic people as well. Most people who have arthritis are aged 65 and older, but even people as young as 18 can get arthritis in various parts of their bodies. Read More»

3 Advantages Of Mobile Drug Testing Services For Schools And Workplaces

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Drug abuse has increasingly impacted workers and students, reducing their productivity levels and increasing absenteeism from their facilities. As such, many clinics have set up mobile drug-testing pop-up facilities around town as an alternative to larger hospitals or medical facilities. Mobile drug testing eliminates the hassle of traveling to laboratory facilities, making it convenient for citizens in a controlled environment. This article will explore three benefits of mobile drug-testing services. Read More»