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Having A Mild Asthma Attack? Visit An Urgent Care Clinic

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If you have asthma, it's possible to manage this respiratory condition in a number of ways. There may be times, however, when you suffer an asthma attack. If the asthma attack is very serious to the point that you're struggling to breathe, it's important to visit a hospital emergency room. Other asthma attacks can be less serious but still benefit from medical care. If your symptoms are a little milder, an urgent care clinic can be the right place to visit. Here are some asthma attack symptoms that should compel you to seek urgent care.

Shortness Of Breath

An asthma attack will often result in moderate shortness of breath that isn't as serious as struggling to breathe but can still be a concern. This symptom can feel as though you're not getting enough air into your lungs. As you try to breathe more deeply, you may find that your heart rate begins to increase. You may even experience a tight feeling in your chest. If you aren't able to get your breathing under control in a short amount of time, you should plan to have a friend or family member take you to an urgent care clinic.

Chronic Cough

People can cough for all sorts of reasons, and while many people link coughing with having a cold, the reality is that coughing can also occur when you're having a mild asthma attack. A common difference between a cold-related cough and a cough that results from an asthma attack is the duration. When you have a cold, you'll often cough a few times and then not cough again for a while. During an asthma attack, you might continuously cough and struggle to stop. This is another sign that you should seek urgent care.

Wheezing Breath

You may also experience wheezing when you breathe. This can be different than experiencing shortness of breath, as you won't necessarily be having trouble getting enough oxygen into your lungs. However, your breathing may be loud, with strained sounds coming from your chest that can last for a while. This is a sign that your respiratory system is in distress, and it's best to have a medical professional take a look at you. An asthma attack can be upsetting, particularly if you haven't had many in your life. The care that you get from the medical team at a local urgent care center will not only address your symptoms but can also help you to feel calmer.

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