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3 Advantages Of Mobile Drug Testing Services For Schools And Workplaces

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Drug abuse has increasingly impacted workers and students, reducing their productivity levels and increasing absenteeism from their facilities. As such, many clinics have set up mobile drug-testing pop-up facilities around town as an alternative to larger hospitals or medical facilities. Mobile drug testing eliminates the hassle of traveling to laboratory facilities, making it convenient for citizens in a controlled environment. This article will explore three benefits of mobile drug-testing services.

Increased Community Participation

Mobile drug-testing facilities have significantly increased community participation. The availability of these pop-up centers makes it possible to test huge groups of affected individuals. Setting up mobile drug-testing facilities in the community reduces the hassle of booking appointments in larger hospitals. They are also convenient for quick checkups on students and employees in the affected areas, reducing their need to miss school or work.

Increased Flexibility

Students and workers are usually allowed to leave their school or work premises once their hours are done. As such, it is hard for the affected individuals to seek drug testing at convenient hospital hours. For that reason, mobile drug testing makes it easier for individuals to seek help. These facilities often bring their test kits to workplaces or schools, thus, eliminating the need for patients to miss work or lectures. Additionally, it makes it easier for workers and students to complete the tests and return to work or school, saving time. Many mobile drug-testing companies have employed flexible staff who can offer their services to workers at night or on weekends and quickly respond to emergencies requiring immediate drug testing, such as drug overdoses.

Reduced Risk of Missed Tests or Delayed Results

Occasionally, sending workers to drug testing and collection sites increases the chances of misplaced or delayed test results. Remember, hospitals often deal with large patient populations, increasing the risk of lost samples. Additionally, the collected samples are tested on a first come first served basis, meaning patients may have to wait a few days or weeks to receive their results. Mobile drug testing solves this issue by bringing the services to workplaces or schools. The services eliminate the risk of delaying the test results or losing the specimen. Additionally, patients are less likely to skip the tests because they would not want to miss the convenience of the mobile services and then have to schedule appointments at other hospitals.

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