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Signs You Might Have Arthritis

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Do you have arthritis? You may, but you may not even know it. While it can be genetic like all diseases may be, you may be prone to arthritis also by age. Some people are born with genes that make them more likely to get arthritis in the first place, while age plays a very large factor in arthritic people as well. Most people who have arthritis are aged 65 and older, but even people as young as 18 can get arthritis in various parts of their bodies.

You might have arthritis, or you may have some other concern that can be treated by a medical professional. Swollen joints or even another autoimmune issue may be at play, so it's always best to see your doctor for any concerns you have about arthritis or anything else.

Here are signs you may have arthritis. Of course, your symptoms could be related to other things as well, so speak to your medical doctor before you diagnose or try to treat yourself. 

You overuse a part of your body a lot

If you work typing at a computer all day, for example, you may be prone to arthritis. You may also be prone to get arthritis if you are overweight and straining the same joints over and over. if you have swelling in your fingers or knees and the pain doesn't get better after taking rest, then you should speak to your doctor about your lifestyle habits and movements and possibly get tested for arthritis.

Wearing supportive wrist and hand bands or other bands or braces in areas of your body where you feel discomfort can help.

You have a family history

People of a certain age, gender, or even family history can be more prone to arthritis. While you can control whether or not you get arthritis severely by staying relatively active and not smoking or overusing your joints, you can also just be prone to the condition. If you have a family member with lots of pain in their arthritic joints and you are experiencing a lot of the same issues, then speak to your doctor to see if you are more at risk for the condition than you initially thought.

Your arthritis treatment can vary depending on several things, including what other symptoms you have and other issues. In the end, it's best to just see a doctor to see if you have arthritis or if you are more at risk than others may be.